32''x32''Softbox for HS, PS Series


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MFR Code: 3429 Britek
Softboxes are perfect for a wide range of photography. Softboxes embellish lighting effect and helps effectively eliminate shadows so light spots and shadows are barely visible in the pictures. Completely rethought and redesigned, softboxes are much easier to set-up and dismantle. The size of the soft box is needed depends on the amount of lighting power your light source provides. Get this now and you will definitely see the difference!
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3429 32''x32''Softbox for HS, PS Series $44.99 
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1.Dimension: 1'11.75"x 6.75"x 3" (60.3cm x17.1cm x7.6cm) 2.Weight: 3.0 lbs *This Item only for HS,PS Series Flash Light

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