155 Light Kit


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MFR Code: iLED 155 Ikan

* AC Adapter
* Battery Charger
* DV Battery
* Full CTO Gel
* Half CTO Gel
* Opal Gel
* Quater Minus Green
* Camera Shoe Mount v.3 (SM103)
* Soft Carrying Case
ikan has become the standard of reliable, affordable production tools. As with all our products, we designed our lights to be the highest quality at a price everyone can afford. We’ve listened to our customers taking note of what they wanted. The new iLED 155 from ikan exemplifies these ideas, and more… Every iLED 155 comes with your choice of DV Battery Plate, (Sony, Panasonic or Canon), AC Power Supply, a shoe mount, four gels Full CTO, Half CTO, Opal and Quarter Minus Green all in a soft carrying case. Every now and then you get something right, and ikan’s original model, the iLED 100 seemed to be the perfect, small yet powerful, portable light source. From there, we enhanced the design to include a mountable DV battery, better ventilation to prevent overheating and upgraded the brightness of the LEDs. If you’ve been shooting video for any length of time, you probably have a variety of different DV batteries. It doesn’t make sense to purchase an entire set of new batteries just for a light. In today’s economy, you need to get the most out of what you already have. The iLED 155 allows you to take advantage of the DV batteries you already have by giving you the choice to use Canon, Panasonic or Sony DV batteries. This really opens up the possibilities for you to power the iLED 155 the way you see fit. These batteries are readily available from a multitude of sources, so you’ll have the freedom add more as you need them.
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* Operating Volts: 12v - 24v
* Dimension: 6" x 3.25" x 1.375"
* Weight (lbs): .85 (with battery)
* Power Consumption: <10w
* Brightness: 1ft/3ft: 41/15 Foot Candles
* Bulb Type: Light Emitting Diode
* Color Temperature: 5600 +/- 200
* Shipping Weight: 2

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